Monday, May 14, 2007

OMG in 6 days I will be getting MARRIED!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Hehe, can you tell I’m excited!!!!

I’m horrible at posting these days, I can’t even find time to paint my nails…let alone write a post for my blog.

Plus with what’s being going on in friends lives I feel like any post I write would be a waste of typing.

I just hope that those that are going through tough times know I love them and know that I’m thinking of them.

That’s all.

This week = Last minute wedding stuff.

Next week - Married woman!!!

Then our honeymoon!!!

Photos and updates to follow!

Monday, March 19, 2007

I’ve really been neglecting my blog lately.

I don’t know why, I just haven’t been in a sharing mood…lol

So I guess I will update a bit!

Wedding stuff….
2 Months to go! And that is REALLY freaky, I feel like yesterday it was 8 months to go….the weeks are just flying by!! We sent out invites yesterday and that was exciting. And we also got our wedding bands this weekend. That was REALLY fun! Mine is one of a kind, a custom made beauty! I can’t wait to be able to wear it! We’ve pretty much got everything done, it’s more just details for now. Like finalizing decorating details…like wall coverings in areas that have tack marks in the wall…Our florist pretty much comes and sets up the flowers so we don’t even have to do much there. Same with our cake person, she comes and sets everything up herself. And the hall sets the tables up….hehe so we’re pretty lucky. Unless I’m totally out to lunch and there are tons of things I don’t know!! We also recently met with our minister or officient for the ceremony. We’re really excited about that, because our vows are very personalized, we practically wrote them ourselves…I saw practically, because we wanted them to be formal so we stuck with very common fraises, but added our own personal touch. And we both have different vows so its personalized that way too.

Life stuff…
I’m going totally stir crazy in our place. We’re both at our wits end with our landlord….they are SO nice, but so freaking noisy. And it seems like EVERY time either of us has gone to have a shower lately, they are doing laundry, or dishes, or using taps….urrgg…it’s not horrible, but when you have a shower while that’s going on the water pressure is the shit! So it takes so much longer to rinse!!! That and since I’m alone a lot, I’m bored a lot…and I hate that our place is small and I have no where to go!

Like I said, I can’t take it anymore….I’m counting down the days till we can move. It would be sooner, but we don’t want to sign a year lease somewhere else before we buy a house.

Work stuff…
Right now I’m at work….My tummy hurts….and I’m tired….
Is the day done yet?

That’s it for now….I’ll update on more stuff soon!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

I decided that I wanted to add two very cute pictures to my blog. I was looking for music on some old burnt CD's and I found a misc one with some pics. They were of my dog when she was a baby...she's SO cute in shes a pain in my arse! But I miss her! (she's living with my parents, and has more or less become my moms dog) I can't wait to get a pet...I miss being around so many animals!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

OK Rocks….Here is your update!!

My life right now is stressed. We have 94 days until the wedding and that scares the SH*T out of me. I don’t know that everything is going to get done, I feel like everything I do is useless. I want it to be perfect…But I know it prolly wont be…and no one has told me otherwise!!!!!!

I bought my wedding dress last May, and it fit perfectly, like a glove some might say. It was meant for me. On the hanger is was….plain. But on me, it looked like a million bucks!! If I do say so myself. Lol!...But then about 7 weeks ago, I tried it on again. Note: my mom wouldn’t let me try it on because she didn’t want me to ruin it…lol…it’s MY dress!! So I made her let me. AND….It didn’t fit, it was a whole 3 inches TOO small….Ok maybe not that much, but it wouldn’t even do up. See my dress is two pieces, No matter what the bottom will fit, because it’s that type of skirt that flows so I can just sit it higher up on my hips and it will still fit. But the top has boning in it, and has literally NO give. So anyway, that was a bad moment for me. So I jumped onto the exercise band wagon. I started Pilates, once a week and I have a stationary bike that I ride 3 times a week. Then last weekend, when I was at my thinnest (right when I woke up, since you haven’t eaten all night and everything seems thinner) I tried it on. And FEWF It did up. BUT …and that’s a HUGE BUT here…Its still TOO tight. I did it up, yes, BUT to breath was painful. So after 6 weeks of exercise I was DOWN a lot but still not in the best shape.

It baffles me, I didn’t even know I was that thin last year, but apparently I was. I mean, right now since I’ve been working out, I feel better, and my legs are back to being toned but I still feel…hmm…big. I guess in some ways I just need some sort of pick me up. Sine esteem pick me ups too!! lol I’m trying so hard to eat right and exercise, and I will die if my dress doesn’t fit me right!!

In other news….This weekend we have our menu tasting. Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday so we planned it with my parents so that we could all go and have a good fun time together. I CAN’T wait…mmm…some of the things we get to try sound sooo goodah!! I’ve eaten there before (a long time ago) and my mom has a few times too, so we know its going to be soo good. So I will update about that sometime next week. We also have our cake tasting this weekend…or we were SUPPOSED to….but now my man has a meeting and a chiropractor’s appointment. So I guess I could just go and meet him back after, but I don’t want to go to Kitchener alone. Maybe I’ll ask someone to go with me. Or I’ll just wait till the next cake tasting session (every other weekend)…Anyone want to come with me??

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This is the cutest kid ever. It also breaks down my valentines day into one 3 minute video.

Why can't my man work days kidding, I'm good! It's just another night...This weekend should be good tho!

I'll update later!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

OK….to explain my last two posts.
I have a tendency to make up the words to a song. A few of my friends have mentioned it, but most people don’t really notice….I know my man knows, because he often turns on the songs I don’t know and waits for me to start singing…then just laughs.
SO basically I’m a goof.
Then we found these videos and OMG it made me laugh sooo hard, cause its exactly what I think the words are!
I’d like to note, that I really do like Fall Out Boy (so this is not me making fun of them), and have nothing against EMO. These just made me laugh, so I really wanted to share them!


This one ALSO makes me laugh....Again watch, and look back for explanations later!

Fall out boy Misheard lyrics - This aint a scene Arms race

This Video is SO funny....and it reminds me of me....I'll explain later!

Why is life always one step forward, two steps back??
I just want to know that!!

In other news….It’s been a horrible year so far! My first week of January was spent with some weird Virus, I was puking anything and everything I had in me. That really only lasted the one day with nausea on the second day, but you know how one day of that kind of stomach retching can lead to a few long days of still not feeling 100%. Then the second week in to 2007, I started to get some cold/flu. I had the worst sinus congestion. Not the sniffles, more just the heavy, pressure and headache in my face. But thankfully it didn’t lead to anything. Mind you in between those two weeks I had a good weekend. I went to a bridal show with my girls. And I had my brother and his GF over to hang out the one night, with my man and I. So that was fun, but then Sunday it was back to the suck!

Now today, its Saturday. And I’ve started off my day with a horrible headache. I’m also sore from my workout on Thursday. It was a beginners Pilates class…I didn’t even break a sweat. And my stomach and shoulders are sooo sore! Lol…who knew. And this class is only going to get harder. Good thing I’m doing it with my mom, because I really cant skip it. If it was just me I’d be lazy and play tired or some other excuse. I need major motivation to get out and do things apparently!

The house hunt hasn’t been bad. We have narrowed it down to one area at least. And I found a really cute place, but then I talked to someone at work and she told me how because it’s a certain style townhouse, and it was built more narrow, a lot of people had issues getting larger furniture up to the second level. And we have a HUGE bed and very large dresser…so that’s not good for us. We’re already going to have a tough time getting out of our current place, I don’t want to be having a hard time getting into a new place. But there are tons of areas in this town with gorgeous places….so we’re still looking!

Ok…I’ve got to get ready to go out now…SO I will bid you adieu….

BUT I will be back! Because I have a HILARIOUS clip to share with you all….So check back for that!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hmm….Update eh?

OK…really not that much is new except on the living arrangements front.

We’re more or less house hunting now. It’s a little different, I didn’t think we’d be doing this for a while, but I guess with getting married in May we should get a move on. We have a few options. So far we haven’t applied for any sort of mortgage, but we have our 10% down payment and want to have something to move in for when we’re married.

We have the two obvious options….

We could build. We could buy a property just out in the country near where we currently live, for a decent amount, and build! Which being in the architectural industry, is something that I’d RATHER do. But that takes more time, there is buying the land, surveys, resurfacing….excavating…etc etc. Then there is the building, that would take another couple months. BUT BUT BUT, with me being in the industry and my man being an electrician we could cut some costs in half. Plus we have family and friend that are in construction or have a trade that they can do, so that cuts some labour costs. So we could SAVE money….Considering our current job locations and the house costs to buy building is our BEST option!

But then again, I’d rather build the house of my dreams than build a house we can just afford right now. In my opinion why not go all the way, we're just going to be moving in a couple years anyways.... So our second option is to buy…BUT where? I work in Mississauga. I don’t want to live in Mississauga and its too $$$. SO we have Brampton, but BLECK, crummy housing or asking TOO much for TOO little. SO there is Orangeville, kinda far, but cleaner and quieter. Or Georgetown…again, farther but cleaner and MUCH nicer. Or Oakville….too $$$… Or Milton…too far? Or Hamilton/Burlington?…is that too far? I don’t think its too far, but its RIGHT where all that rush hour traffic goes…..EKKK GAD, we need help!

Any suggestions, or any commuters that want to give me a heads up on a good town or place within decent driving range of Mississauga??? I don’t mind an hour drive, BUT I don’t want an hour drive from one shitty city to another shitty city! Lol…I know I’m rude! Please help!
So now you see, this might be what consumes my life for the next few months…oh that and wedding planning…lol

This weekend my girls and I are going to a wedding show, which should be a blast. Since it’s the first time my MOH meets the other new girl in the party. She’s really wicked though, so I know they will all get along!!

Anyways…hope everyone had a wicked new years and a merry Christmas!

Good luck in 2007!!!